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The Winter Skin Guide

We all are recipients of the skin condition that our blessed weather gives unto us! ~ Dry Itchy Skin!!

The reason behind the "Winter Skin" is simply because the humidity level outside drops during the colder months; this causes the moisture/water in our skin evaporate quickly thereby, leaving the skin with dryness that sometimes may lead to itchy flaky skin. Extreme flare-up may occur for people that already battle with dry skin types. 

Well, goodnews! Here's a solution for relief in caring for Winter Skin...

Ogeessentialsskin has a reasonable range of products that replenishes moisture because we care about the health of skin. And what is health of skin, if moisture isn't part of the focus?

1. The newly launched Zoe Liquid soap. This soap is really moisturizing because it is packed with Moringa, Baobab, Aloe vera plant extracts. These plants were all intentionally used due to this common goal - Moisture.


2. Golden Hour Oil: This moisturizing oil is the perfect multi-use oil that provides ultra moisture for your winter skin needs. It is pure Shea Olein without the heavy scent of shea. 



3. Whipped Shea Mousse: this is a winter ready and all season-friendly body butter for that someone who just desires deep moisture all year long. This is a perfect blend of 3 butters: Shea butter, Cocoa butter, and Murumuru butters together with moisturizing oils.

Do you now wonder what this smells like??? Ah! yes, it smells amazing!!! 

Try all these products and find the perfect solution to dry, itchy winter skin!


Oge is Beauty & You are Beautiful ♡